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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

Conference theme:

Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum









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Salon de Actos

Keynote 1 – Sara Corlett

11:30 – 12:15

Salon de Actos

Keynote 2 – Pilar Iglesias

12:30 – 1:15


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Meet at Las Setas

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MONDAY 27 MAY 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Concurrent Sessions Group A

Room 1

Muhammad Ali

Insights into Inclusive Supervisory Behaviors, Workplace Social Inclusion, and Turnover Intention in the Context of Employee Age

Carmen Paz-Aparicio

Understanding inclusive leaders’ competencies, behaviors and outcomes

Angela Workman-Stark

To be or not to be? Examining the contours of stigma identity management at work

Caren Goldberg

Can the Trickle-Down Effects of Servant Leadership Narrow the Gender Gap?



Emile Tompa

Workplace Accessibility Planning and Reporting—A Roadmap for Change


Room 2 

Richard Greggory, Victoria Showunmi

Black Professors and the Burden of University Life

Stephen Hancock

De-framing Whiteness in Educational Leadership Theory: A Case for Companionate Leadership

Sigal Oppenheimer Shachar and Michal Hayshrik

'Power which can harness' instead of 'power which takes over'- as a way towards inclusive leadership

Saeeda Shah

Faithism as Racism: Muslim male teachers experiences


Room 3

Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh,

Sehrish Shahid, Mulyadi Robin, Christiana Osei Bonsu

Navigating the Corporate Labyrinth: The Career Trajectories and Success Strategies of Female Migrant Executives in Australia

Anfal Alwahaibi

Motherhood and caring roles: barriers to leadership 

Karianne Nyheim Stray

The disjuncture between migrants experiences and the institutional view of time in work inclusion processes

Cathrine Seierstad

Migrant Work Inclusion: A tale of three inclusion projects


Room 4

Tal Meler

"…Here We are Arab Women in Uniform Engaging in Domestic Violence and Arresting an Arab Man who Raised his Hand on a Woman… It Does the Job..." - Cultural Responsiveness among Arab Policewoman in Israel towards Arab Women

Samina M Saifuddin,

Lorraine Dyke 

The Role of Gender-Role Orientation in Pursuing High-Tech Career

Dr Susan Sayce

The legacy of gender inequalities in communities of practice and its impact on the new renewable energy sector

Martinque Jones

Experiences of Epistemic Exclusion Targeting Women in STEM






Room 5

Nosheen Jawaid Khan

Exploring Realities of Transgender Inclusion in Pakistani Organizations: Neo-Institutional Analysis

Natalia Vucina

The Effects of Allyship and Perceived Controllability on Workplace Heteronormativity, Rejection Sensitivity, and Subjective Well-Being: A Moderated-Mediation Mode

Luke Fletche

Being LGBT and Being an Authentic Leader: Contextualizing the Meaning and Experience of Authentic Leadership

Shanglin Xin

Chinese LGBTQ+ Employees in the UK and Work-life Experience


Room 6

Wassila Merkouche

Protective measures for women in the workplace in Canada and Quebec



Juliet Kele

‘We’re all inclusive when it comes to stacking shelves or cleaning’: the perceived discrimination faced by minority-ethnic male retail workers

Lorraine Johnson 

“One Million Women & Girls”: A case study of the Northeast of England, UK

Maria Tsouroufli

‘Entanglements of intersectional inequalities with patriarchal regimes and neo-liberal logic: Complicating the narrative of Gender parity in the context of Higher Education (HE) in India’


Room 7




Room 8






MONDAY 27 MAY  4:30 – 6:30

Concurrent Sessions - Group B

Room 1

Jurgita Butkeviciene

The entrepreneurial education for people with disabilities in CEE region

Jurgita Butkeviciene

Implementing ESG in small and medium enterprises: engaging with diversity, equity, and inclusion through reporting

Anna Maria Gorska

Trends in DEI Research in Central and Eastern Europe: Insights from a Call for Papers

Yadira Martinez Pantoja 

Ukrainians’ Inclusion into the Czech Labor Market: Perceptions and Challenges

Vincent Montenero

The integration of expatriate managers in the Czech Republic: the role of language knowledge


Room 2 

Gabriela Gherghina

HRM bundles of practices and gender pay gap in organisations

Laritza Machin Rincón

Empowering young women for future leadership through personal resources and leadership competencies: development of the PETRAS program

Jennifer R Bishop

Breaking Barriers and Fostering Equality

Shona Smith

The Masked Worker: Insight on the Identity Management Experiences of Men and Racial Minorities with Mental Health Conditions

Cindy Mino

Exploring Big Four Public Accounting Career Patterns and Gender Effects


Room 3

Ruba Ezzeddine

Unveiling Influence: An Interactional Model of Inclusion through Claiming Influence

Dan Ha Le

Belonging matters at work? Voices of Internationally Mobile Employees

Annie Cornet

HRM in India: challenge for the management of the subsidiary of a multinational



Anila Khalique

Perceptions of Women Solicitors of their Journeys to Leadership 

Jackie Scales

Redefining Leadership to Include Women: A Qualitative Study


Room 4

Fatimzahra Ait Bounssiyal

Compensation policies and gendered pay equity: Exploratory study The case of Luxury hotel sector in the city of Marrakech

Rebecca Fichtel 

The impact of board diversity on corporate innovation performance

Jessey Pswarayi 

International non-governmental organisations and trans people employment: a case for Zimbabwe

Rachel Carden 

Decolonisation and Diversiļ¬cation of the Curriculum in UK Business Schools: Towards Effective Evaluation Methods

Andreas M. Hilger

The Impact of multinational corporations on EDI in CEE


Room 5






Room 6 – Doctoral Colloquium I

Sithy Shafeena Anas

Critical pedagogies for promoting gender and race equality in medical education

Kellie Brown

Black, Female and Leader in Secondary schools in London

Shreya Roy Choudhury

The impact of diversity networks in attaining organisational equality

Balbir Kaur

Powerful or powerless: the realities of intersectional identities of gender and race in E&D work’

Narjes khatoon Moradi 

MENA Countries, Women in Boardroom


Room 7

Nimo Abdi, Muhammad Khalifa

Somali diasporic mothers navigating state sanctioned motherhood in British and American Schools

Mark Anthony Gooden,,Richard Greggory, Victoria Showunmi

Exploring The Theoretical and Pragmatic Challenges Faced by Minoritized University Leaders

Mark Anthony Gooden, 

Cathryn Devereaux, Nia Hulse

BlackintheIvory-Culturally Responsive Mentoring with Black Women Doctoral Students and a Black Male Mentor

Victoria Showunmi

Black women and inequality in the workplace

Jessica Bergman

Evidence-based key actions addressing gender inequities in the workforce


Room 8



Wogene Mena

Made in Ethiopia - but at whose expense? Unveiling the Working Conditions and Legitimizations of Gendered Labor Control Regimes in Ethiopian Apparel 

Myrtle Emmanuel

Beyond Borders: Gender, Work, and Migration in the Lens of Intersectionality



Daniela Aliberti 

Ethnic Discrimination in Professional Service Firms: The interplay of Work of Professionals, Organizational Practices, and European Integration Programs

Daniela Bolzani

The empowering and disempowering role of language in entrepreneurship incubator





TUESDAY 28 MAY  10:30 – 12:30

Concurrent Sessions - Group C


Room 1

Laritza Machin Rincón 

Key Insights for preventing the 'Sticky Floor': Young Spanish Women's Leadership Aspirations and Challenges

Rashid Toefy

A gendered perspective on context-relevant strategic decision-making by leaders under crisis conditions

Heidi Weigand

Education: Enabling Indigenous Women's Leadershi

Saeeda Shah 

Women, Work and Leadership: Carrying the Double Burden

Xixi Ai

Getting on top of the glass cliff: how women directors exploit the condition of creative destruction


Room 2 

Carolina Remorini93 

The invisible work involved in early gestational loss in Spain

Jenna Pandeli

Mental Load, Decision Fatigue, and Emotional Burnout. The Invisible Labour of Maternity Leave

Hugo Gaggiotti

Human reproduction “on the move”: navigating the invisible challenges of reproductive decisions in borderland cultures

Mary Oluwatobiloba Odetoyinbo

MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE: An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Nigerian Academic Mothers navigating Invisible Work

Rosana Silveira Reis 

The competences available in entrepreneurial support organizations: Dealing with the challenges and opportunities of migrants’ diversity


Room 3

Samina M Saifuddin

Gender Differences in Social Media Networking Behavior and its Impact on Career Outcomes

Valerie Caven

An evaluation of the existence and persistence of the gender pay gap and gendered jobs in a large UK company

Alexandra Beauregard

Changes in fathers’ use of flexible work arrangements: A sense of entitlement perspective

Chrissi McCarthy

Behavioural Equality: Justification for a New Field of Research

Schiro Withanachchi


Can corporate social responsibility create responsibilization? The influence of upper echelon race and global dexterity on innovation and firm success


Room 4



Margaret Thornton

Tracking in STEM: Gender, Race, and Opportunity to Learn

Orly Benjamin

Struggling for equality by insisting on quality jobs: Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic dimensions in the occupational lives of Arab Policewomen in the Israeli Police



Muhammad Ali

An Exploration of Attraction Factors, Barriers to Working in Construction, and Factors for Leaving Construction

Arjun Mitra

Women on Boards and Gatekeeping: A moral licensing approach

Viviana Meschitti 

Rosi Braidotti’s politics of location and its power to unveil inequality in organisations




Room 5

Leire Gartzia

Rethinking Care In Work Life: Effects Of Parenting On Leadership

Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh and Jessica Heron

Advancing Gender Equality and Workplace Inclusivity through Reproductive Leave and Flexible Work Policies in Australia

Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh, Christine Naschberger, 

Sara Zaeemdar, 

Maranda Ridgway, Parth Patel

Navigating Reproductive Leave Policies and Women’s Career Progression through Acker’s Ideal Worke

Wee Chan Au

Balancing careers with caregiving responsibilities – Experiences of women academics in Pakistan



Fiona Carmichael

A bio-psycho-social investigation of menopause transition and workplace well-being in the UK police force


Room 6

SJ Hemmerich

Toward De/Reconstructing the “Master Narrative” of Cisheteronormativity in School: A Reflective Autoethnographic Analysis of a Queer, Trans Nonbinary Elementary Art Teacher

Robyn Berkley

Testing a Model of the Emotional Context of Disclosing a Concealable Identity

Sara Corlett

Navigating bias: Examining hiring discrimination towards transgender job applicants through the lens of competence and warmth

Scott Lawley

Problematic allies and activism: Amplifying or silencing LGBTQIA+ voices in sport?

Val Willham

Training Grammar Perceptions: Can People Be Taught to Perceive the Singular ‘They’ As Natural?


Room 7

Mladen Adamovic 

Assessing Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide

Claudine Gaibrois

It’s a tough struggle even if someone opens the door: How language affects international migrants’ work inclusion

Katarina Zajacova

The changing nature of migrant labour in the UK - the impact of Brexit and Covid - gender perspective.

Vanessa Dsouza

Bridging Borders: Exploring Immigrant Employees' Perspectives on Organizational Inclusion.




Room 8

Juanita Forrester

Self-Care as a Catalyst for Challenging Inequities in Organizations

Samantha E. Erskine

Understanding the Power of the White Gaze on Leadership and Career Development, and Well-Being in the Workplace

Tsedale Melaku,

Anthony Meyers

Self-Care is Critical for Survival: The Tactics and Practices Employed by Marginalized Group Members Tasked with Equity Work in Organizations

Conxita Folguera. Laura Lamolla

Discussing Working Hours in Contemporary Societies: The Interplay between Work centrality, Time Preferences and Gender

Raffaella Valsecchi 

Responsibilisation for community well-being in the aftermath of Grenfell fire.


TUESDAY 28 MAY  2:00 – 4:00

Concurrent Sessions - Group D


Room 1




Room 2 

Toschia Hogan

The good and bad of informal accommodations: How informal accommodations shape third parties’ undermining of persons with disabilities in the workplace.

Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi

Disability And Diversity -Towards A Comprehensive Legal Framework For An Inclusuve Workplace Practices

Christine Naschberge

Fostering inclusion of employees with autism spectrum disorders (ASD): Effects of an educational intervention on workplace attitudes in a service center environment in the Netherlands

Soad Louissi

The Pendulum of Control: Normative - Bureaucratic Fluctuations in Disability Inclusion

Soad Louissi 

Inclusion of People with Epilepsy in France – Epilepsy Power Research Project Findings


Room 3

Driba Imane

Influence of Women Transformational Leadership on Organizational Commitment

Olivia Kyriakidou, Despoina Stefopoulou

Gender Stereotypes and Leadership Perceptions: Implications for Organizational Equity and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

Cristina Domínguez-Soto

Shaping Transformational Leadership: Narratives of Top Executive Women in Spain

 Lena Weber

What numbers do not capture: the situation of female leaders in higher education

Sigal Oppenheimer Shachar

My body speaks my ideology"-Expressions of participation and leadership among the girls active during the protests in Israel, 2023


Room 4

Anwesha Choudhury

Minority Access to Social Networks: A Microfoundations Perspective



Juan Marsiaj

Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Enablers

Jurgita Butkeviciene

Network density to support people with disabilities in inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems

Aardra Chandra Mouli

That’s (Not) What She Said – How Women Make Sense of Their Entrepreneurial Identity

Sophie Moser

Occupational Devaluation, but Organizational Revaluation? Understanding Gendered Pay Discrimination




Room 5

Dulini Fernando

Navigating dual sources of tribal stigma: a study of Muslim refugees in Britain

Shlomit Aharonii Lir

Green Justice - Fridays for Future's New Future of Inclusiveness or Known Future of Exclusion?

Baris Senay

Refugee labor market integration through an intersectional lens: a systematic literature review

Ana Nestorovic

(Don’t) call me as you wish but treat me with respect. Migrant or expat label?

Delia Mensitieri

The Weight of Words: Using SenseMaker® to Combat Microaggressions and Epistemic Injustice


Room 6

Rachel Ownsworth

The Academic Career Trajectories of Marginalised Groups in STEM: A Systematic Review

Leire Gartzia

Sex and Gender in Research: Beyond Traditional Gender Binaries



Tal Meler

“...You are a Muslim, and our village disapproves of this”: The objections of indigenous minority communities in Israel to women’s employment in the police on grounds of gender, nationality and crime

Narjes Khatoon Moradi 

Elevation of women and conflict between law and culture in the United Arab Emirates

Joy Ezeilo

Implementing Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Principles in Africa: Making Progress or Experiencing Regression?


Room 7

Christine Nightingale

Sticky Stigmas - Considering the intersectionality of gender and discrimination by association at work

Jo Divers

Women in HE; a Case of Nurses and Midwives



Emil Velinov

Teaching Diversity Management in Emerging and Advanced markets



Serap Keles

Parallels Between the Performative Nature of Gender and Linguistic Identity: Linguistic Bias and Othering

Valerie Caven, Scott Lawley

'The ideal Worker': An intersectional approach to EDI in the UK engineering workplace


Room 8

Gaelle Cachat-Rosset 

The influence of gender, meaningfulness, safety and resource availability on teleworker engagement evidence from Canada

Natasha Winkler-Titus

Inclusive cultures and Innovation output in organisations



Marilee Reimer

"Diversity Management and Women: A Study of Employers' Best Practices and Women's Advancement in the Insurance Industry in Atlantic Canada"

Annette Risberg

Othering and de-othering in organizations

Natasha Winkler-Titus

Remote working in Shipping!? How to keep workers Engaged and a surprising finding on Inclusion


TUESDAY 28 MAY  4:30 – 6:30

Concurrent Sessions – Group E – Workshops


Workshop Room 1

Gender Apartheid: Iranian Women and their Struggle for Freedom
Saniya Ghalehdar

Workshop Room 2

Understanding Identity Negotiation in White Spaces
Anne Crafford, Byron Adams, Lusanda Sekaja

Workshop Room 3

Combatting Neurodiversity Discrimination in the Workplace
Renee McCauley , Aimee Durrance, Afra Ahmad


Workshop Room 4

Gendered barriers and cross-cutting issues in the workplace: how can we trust the numbers?
Valia Kalaitzi, Jack van der Vlis

Workshop Room 5

Integrating Gender Dimension in Research (I GeDin R) Workshop
Eleni Apospori

Workshop Room 6

Accentuating Recovery for Survivors of Gender Based Violence: A Focus on Cultural Creative Arts Based Methods for Trauma Healing in Nigeria
Ijeoma Ezeude


Doctoral Colloquium II. Room 7

Joana Vassilopoulou, Olivia Kyriakidou

Sophie Moser

Gender Inequalities at the Workplace: A Multilevel Perspective

Jasmin Nina Kopp 

EU Perspectives on Workplace Sexual Harassment - Potential and Practical Implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Ananya Gupta

Mixed methods to understand structures of inequalities in UK based tech workspaces

Daina Scott

Understanding why black British academics move to the USA for better career opportunities in academia

Alicja Dudek

Analysis of Inclusive Solutions Implemented in Organizations in Poland

Anthony Meyers

Political Savvy on Alert: The Role of Political Skill in Employee Voice Behavior in Perceived Political Workplaces