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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

Conference theme:

Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Past Conferences - EDI 2023 London

Publication partnerships of EDI 2023 City, University of London

Associated with this conference are European Management Review; Equality, Diversity, Inclusion: An International Journal. Outstanding, pre-selected papers for the conference will be submitted to these journals, which will then process them, according to their usual standards.

We are also pleased to advise stream organizers that two series of books are also associated with the conference, “International Perspectives on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion” (an ongoing book series from Emerald), edited by Mustafa Özbilgin and “Diversity and Inclusion Research” (a new book series from Springer), edited by Thomas Köllen. Relevant stream proposals will be eligible for these book series, subject to acceptance by the respective editors.

Deadlines of stream proposals and workshops

Stream and workshop proposals should be submitted to the conference chairs to and These should reach them no later than February, 15, 2023.

Decisions regarding streams/workshops and the launch of the call for papers will take place by 20 February 2023.

Indicative framework for the processing of papers by stream chairs

Submissions to the conference may be in the form of long abstracts (5 pages minimum; length to be specified by stream and workshop chairs), as well as full papers, by the deadline of Monday 24 April, 2023. All submissions will be subjected to peer review, organized by stream chairs, with two referees for each paper. The deadline for feedback to authors about paper acceptance or rejection is Friday 12 May 2023.


Each stream chair is also requested to submit a nomination for the best paper in their stream to  and no later than 9 June 2023. 


Conference organisers and stream chairs have no influence on the review process of best papers submitted to partner journals. Publication decisions are made solely by the chief editor of the relevant journal and follow the journal’s review guidelines.


16th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference (EDI)  


City, University of London 10 - 11 July 2023

Call for Papers

  ONLINE SUBMISSION extended to: Sunday 30 April 2023

DECISIONS: Friday 12 May 2023


Conference Theme: Dis(ability)


The EDI Conference is pleased to welcome a wide range of 18 streams about the complex relationships between equality, diversity, and inclusion, from different theoretical, empirical, and methodological angles, as well as across various trans/inter/national and disciplinary contexts.


In 2023, we would like to draw particular attention to the concept of Dis(ability), as an estimated 1.3 billion people – or 1 in 6 people worldwide - experience significant disability (WHO, 2 Dec 2022)i. Do societies ‘see the ability’ or ‘a different ability’ among the disabled community? Are people with disabilities treated equally with the rest of the population? Have societies acknowledged that being disabled is OK so that people with disabilities can have equality, accommodations can be made, and the unemployment rate for people with disabilities can drop? In its December 2022 report, the WHO provides a gloomy picture and argues that people with disabilities still face barriers including stigma, discrimination, exclusion from education and employment, etc.

The objectives of this call are to:

  • Determine if disability today is considered as part of being human and whether it is integral to the human experience.
  • Promote the assembly, exchange and dissemination of good practice for the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Assess the treatment and the opportunities for active inclusion and full participation of the disabled community in different parts of the world.
  • Check if people with disabilities can take advantage of new technologies and tools in the digital and information society, e.g., through the assistive technology service delivery.

We invite academic streams and workshops which make empirical, theoretical or methodological contributions, to be presented in academic streams, as well as experiences of policy makers and practitioners, which can be presented in workshops or round table discussions

Streams are envisaged as following a traditional academic format, whereas workshops are open to more unconventional and informal procedures.

Submission process

All submissions to the EDI conference are original pieces which have not been published in books or journals, or a paper presented in a past conference, not published elsewhere, and seeking additional comments prior to journal submission. Proceedings of all accepted papers will be published on a memory drive, which will be distributed to delegates on the first day of the conference. Unless authors express a written objection to publishing their papers, we will consider the submission of papers as consent for publication in this electronic form. 


You need to register online before you can submit a paper or contribution to a workshop.

Indicative framework for the processing of papers

Papers/ abstracts online submission: Monday April 24, 2023. Papers will be subjected to peer review with at least two referees for each paper. 


Final acceptance decision, best paper nominations and submission of best papers to the relevant associated journal (as agreed by submitter): Friday 12 May, 2023. The review process of the best papers by partner journals remains under the complete supervision of the respective journals’ chief-editors and is independent from the conference dates.

Doctoral Colloquium

If you are a doctoral student, who is currently working on a thesis on any aspect of equality, diversity and inclusion at work, this is a good place for your presentation. The purpose of the doctoral colloquium is to encourage doctoral students to present their work in a constructive environment and share their experiences of doing research in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion at work. The colloquium will be open to students at any level of study. The sessions will be open to all participants of the conference and plenty of feedback will be provided.

The papers should reflect your doctoral projects. We would encourage you to write papers which summarise your doctoral project in terms of: 1) key literature (main paradigms, conceptual frames, issues and theoretical argument); 2) methodological; 3) preliminary findings and 4) the original contribution (expected or real) of the thesis.

The doctoral colloquium is under the supervision of a colleague. You are invited to forward an abstract of your paper of 250 to 300 words (excluding references) to Stream 8 no later than Monday 24 April, 2023.

If selected, you will be invited to present your doctoral research, in a session lasting no longer than 20 minutes, including questions and answers. Selected papers and abstracts will be presented in the conference web site.