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16 - 18 Aug 2018

Conference theme:

Equality, diversity and inclusion in 2018: Progresses, Setbacks or New Challenges?


Streams/Workshop Topics

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Stream 1: Conference General Stream
Marie-thérèse Chicha, Mustafa Ozbilgin, Tania Saba, Joana Vassilopoulou
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Stream 2: Striving for Gender Equality: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
Melanie Crofts, Kimberley Hill
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Stream 3: A New Retirement Paradigm?
Marie-eve Dufour, Tania Saba, Yves Carrière
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Stream 4: Analyzing the Complex Challenges of the LGBTQ Community in the 21st Century
Richard Greggory Johnson Iii
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Stream 5: Values and Conflicts of Values in Organizations. Towards New Approaches of Social Justice
De Nanteuil Matthieu
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Stream 6: Have The Stakeholders in Industrial Relations – The State, Employers and Workers’ Unions – Missed the Opportunity to strive to Professional Equality?
émilie Genin, Melanie Laroche
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Stream 7: Labour market integration of immigrants: Many challenges of diversity
Marie-thérèse Chicha, Karine Bellemare, Umut Riza Ozkan
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Stream 8: Diversifying Academia: Current Challenges and Future Prospects
Alexie Labelle, Saaz Taher, Christine Rothmayr Allison
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Stream 9: Work, Remuneration and Social Protection as Enablers of a Dignified Existence
Ines Meyer
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Stream 10: Whatever Happened to Equality Impact Assessment?
Diane Bebbington, Victoria Showunmi
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Stream 11: Between Social Justice and Functionalism Diversity in Higher Education – Comparative Perspectives
Carola Bauschke-urban, Mark Gooden, Victoria Showunmi, Felizitas Sagebiel
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Stream 12: Mapping Migration and Work in a Fragile World: Investigations into the links between Global Mobility and Workplace Diversity
Joana Vassilopoulou, Dimitria Groutsis, Olivia Kyriakidou, Mustafa Ozbilgin
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Stream 13: Women’s Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region: Issues and Practices
Manal El Abboubi, Sana Guerfel-henda, Mahil Aziza, Christina Constantinidis
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Stream 14: Institutional and Organizational Experimentation in equality, diversity and inclusion
Marie-thérèse Chicha, Tania Saba, Igor Volkov
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Workshop 1: Doctoral Workshop
Victoria Showunmi
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Workshop 2: Moving through Politics: The STREET of MEMORIES - Biographical and Professional Identities in the Context of Diversity
Verena Bruchhagen
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