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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

Conference theme:

Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Streams/Workshop Topics

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Stream 1: General Stream- if the theme of your proposal does not fit in any of the remaining stream descriptions, please submit it here.
CAREN GOLDBERG, Mustafa Ozbilgin
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Stream 2: Intersectionality in Expatriation/Migration Research
MIlena Tekeste
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Stream 3: Tackling gender inequality and vulnerability by unveiling invisible work
Jenna Pandeli, Hugo Gaggiotti, Diana Marre
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Stream 4: Engaging in Dialogue using Critical Racial Incidents as a Tool to Transformational Change
Victoria Showunmi, Mark Gooden, Richard Greggory
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Stream 5: Exploring Behavioural Equality: New Frontiers in Gender Research
Chrissi McCarthy
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Stream 6: Migrants' Work Inclusion from an Individual, Organizational and Societal Perspective
Cathrine Seierstad, Joana Vassilopoulou, Karianne Nyheim Stray, Ole Jacob Thomassen
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Stream 7: Structural, Cultural, and Climate Barriers to Promoting Gender Equity in STEM
Georgina Montgomery
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Stream 8: Policing Organizations and Gender (In)Equality
Orly Benjamin, Tal Meler
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Stream 9: Rethinking Reproductive Leave Policies and Women’s Careers
Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh, CHRISTINE NASCHBERGER, Maranda Ridgway, Sara Zaeemdar, Parth Patel
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Stream 10: Sexual and gender identity at work: are LGBTQ+ workers’ voices heard in the workplace?
Donatella Di Marco, Alicia Arenas, Sara López Corlett
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Stream 11: The complexities of Intersectionality at work: Gender with other social identities that impact on the experience of the workplace
Christine Nightingale, Jo Divers
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Stream 12: Responsibilisation for addressing inequalities: critical discussions and new propositions
Raffaella Valsecchi, Mustafa Ozbilgin, Marios Samdanis, Rachel Morgan
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Stream 13: Organizational Disability Inclusion: Looking Backward & Living Forward in the New Normal
Michelle Mielly, Soad Louissi, Flavia Narducci
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Stream 14: Gendered-Work, Leadership, and Equality
Saeeda Shah, Anfal Alwahaibi
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Stream 15: Examining Self-Care Practices and Espoused vs Enacted Institutional Values Using an EDI Lens
Samantha E. Erskine, Juanita Forrester
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Stream 16: Advancing Gender Equality or Genderwashing?
Joy Ezeilo
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Stream 17: DEI Practices in Emerging Market Firms versus Advanced Market Firms
Emil Velinov
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Stream 18: Gender, Diversity and Entrepreneurship from around the World
Wendy Cukier, Juan Marsiaj
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Stream 19: Religion and spirituality at workplace: Perspectives on diversity, inclusion, and resistance
Selcuk Uygur
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Stream 20: "Breaking Barriers, Fostering Equality"
Dr. Jennifer R Bishop
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Stream 21: Women, Empowerment and the SDGs: Critical Feminist Perspectives in the Global Economy
Beverly Metcalfe
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Stream 22: Exploring Microaggression
Shlomit Aharonii Lir, Ozlem Ayaz, LIAT AYALON
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Lena Knappert, Renate Ortlieb, Katharina Bader
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Stream 24: Working Time and Working Time Preferences (WTP) across the gender spectrum
Laura Lamolla, Conxita Folguera
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Doctoral Colloquium: Doctoral Colloquium
Joana Vassilopoulou, Olivia Kyriakidou
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Workshop 1: Gender Apartheid: Iranian Women and their Struggle for Freedom
Saniya Ghalehdar
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Workshop 2: Understanding Identity Negotiation in White Spaces
Anne Crafford, Byron Adams, Lusanda Sekaja
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Workshop 3: Combatting Neurodiversity Discrimination in the Workplace
Renee McCauley , Aimee Durrance, Afra Ahmad
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Workshop 4: Gendered barriers and cross-cutting issues in the workplace: how can we trust the numbers?
Valia Kalaitzi, Jack van der Vlis
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Workshop 5: Integrating Gender Dimension in Research (I GeDin R) Workshop
Eleni Apospori
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Workshop 6: Accentuating Recovery for Survivors of Gender Based Violence: A Focus on Cultural Creative Arts Based Methods for Trauma Healing in Nigeria
Ijeoma Ezeude
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