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28 - 30 June 2017

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Stream 1: Crossing Borders: Class, Mobility and Inclusion
Ruth Simpson, Rachel Morgan
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Stream 2: Within and Across Borders: Borders and Girlhood Studies
Sigal Oppenheimer Shachar, Ornit Ramati Dvir, Orly Benjamin
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Stream 3: Disability and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Contemporary and Inter-disciplinary Perspectives
Raffaella Valsecchi
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Stream 4: Watching the Martian invaders: Implications for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Barbara Myers, Irene Ryan, Judith Pringle
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Stream 5: Developing an inclusive working environment through effective training
Valerie Caven, Stefanos Nachmias
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Stream 6: Diversity, equality and inclusion in the Buffer Condition
Andri Georgiadou
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Stream 7: Erasing Borders Through Climates for Diversity and Inclusion
A.k. Ward
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Stream 8: Between Social Justice and Functionalism Diversity in Higher Education – Comparative Perspectives
Carola Bauschke-urban, Mark Gooden, Victoria Showunmi, Felizitas Sagebiel
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Stream 9: Education Beyond Borders
Melanie Crofts, Nick Cartwright
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Stream 10: LGBT Research in Management and Institutions: Broadening the Lens
Erhan Aydin, Fiona Colgan, Oscar Holmes Iv
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Stream 11: Religion and spirituality at workplace: Perspectives on diversity and inclusion
Selcuk Uygur
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Stream 12: The work-life interface for workers with diverse and intersecting identities
Alexandra Beauregard, Eddy Ng
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Stream 13: To be underway: Conditions constitute Chances and Borders of Diversity Learning
Iris Koall, Verena Bruchhagen
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Stream 14: Borders and the professions: getting in and getting on – the experience of ethnic minority and migrant workers
Moira Calveley, Cynthia Forson, Paul Smith, Joana Vassilopoulou, Monika Huesmann
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Stream 15: The new territories of gender equality: corporate boards, feminine networks and pro-women employees resource groups
Rey Dang, Maria Giuseppina Bruna
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Stream 16: Fostering inclusive enterprises: Inclusive enterprise, management and leadership education
Linda Baines, Mine Karatas-ozkan
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Stream 17: Borders Markets Build: New Forms of Inequality Under Neoliberalism 2.0
Cagri Yalkin
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Stream 18: Doctoral Colloquium
Victoria Showunmi
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Stream 19: Psycho-sociology, gerontology and Aging: toward economic and social revolution for society
Adnane Maalaoui
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Stream 20: Conference General Stream; for those whose paper does not relate to one of the above streams
Mustafa Ozbilgin, Joana Vassilopoulou
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Workshop 1: Traversing the Borderline: Student Identity and the Challenge of “Normative Value” Schools
Roy Gluckman
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Workshop 2: From Advice to Justice: A path well-trodden for disabled employees?
Laura William
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Workshop 3: Building Strategies, Bridging Differences: An Intersectional Dialogue about Individual and Institutional Strategies to Advance (all) Women at Work
Mateo Cruz, Wiley Davi
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Workshop 4: Glorification of ignorance
Mustafa Ozbilgin, Michalle Mor Barak
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