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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

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Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Past Conferences - EOI 2009 Istanbul

Streams/Workshop Topics - EOI 2009 Istanbul

Stream1: Theorising equality and diversity in crisis.
Hazel Conley,Sue Durbin
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Stream2: Governance and workforce dynamics in healthcare: intersecting flows of power and the remaking of inequalities.
Ellen Kuhlmann,Maria Tsouroufli
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Stream3: Diversity Management in Asia and the Middle East.
Jawad Syed,Faiza Ali
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Stream4: Gender equality and career progression in Science, Engineering and Technology.
Clem Herman,Gill Kirkup
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Stream5: Understanding the dynamics of careers and identities through multiple strands of equality.
Dorota Bourne,Gozde Inal,Mine Karataş-Özkan
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Stream6: Hope, Fear, Shame, Anger, Disappointment and Pride: Emotions, Diversity and In/Equalities in Organisations.
Elaine Swan
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Stream7: Gender, Management and Leadership.
Olivia Kyriakidou
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Stream8: Change agency in the field of equality and diversity.
Ahu Tatli
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Stream9: Spirals of Silence? Tackling the invisibility of the sexual orientation strand and sexuality in academic research and in organisation equality and diversity policy and practice.
Fiona Colgan,Aidan McKearney
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Stream10: Learning for sustainability; A case for diversity - an inter-generational approach.
Katerina Nicolopoulou
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Stream11: Speaking for Whom? Diversity, voice and visibility in an organisational context.
Susan Sayce,Josie Kinge
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Stream12: Organisational and Personal costs of Inequalities in academic career development.
Glenice Wood
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Stream13: Ethnicity, Work and Organisation.
Cynthia Forson,Geraldine Healy
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Stream14: Diversity as social practice: Discussing intersectionality, multi level approaches and organizational learning.
Roswitha Hofmann,Iris Koall,Julia Nentwich
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Stream15: The interplay between disability and leadership
Jo Verrent,Sarah Picthall,Dawn Langley,Hannah Reynolds
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Stream16: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work.
Oya Culpan,Jose Pascal Da Roca,Joana Vassilopoulou
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Stream17: Research Ethics.
Annilee Game
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