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Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Past Conferences - EDI 2011 Auckland

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2011

4th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference,
7-8 February, 2011
AUT University,
New Zealand

Theme: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Views from the Edge.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is a priority for people working together within and without workplaces. This conference is influenced by the location ‘at the edge of the universe’ where context is very salient. As organisers, we endorse the notionthat knowledge is always ‘partial sight and limited vision ... the only way to find a larger vision is to be somewhere in particular’ (Haraway, 1988, p.93).  We encourage diverse views and challenging conversations; submissions that may bring the margins to the centre. The views may be from the edges of our knowledge and understanding of EDI.

We invite experienced, emerging researchers and practitioners and especially encourage doctoral students to present their work. There will be academic and doctoral sessions as well as presentations relevant to practitioners and policy makers.

A variety of key note speakers will add to the flavour of the conference. We have early confirmation from: Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin (University of East Anglia), Dr. Carla Houkamau (University of Auckland) and Lynette Reid (AUT University).

SPECIAL EVENTS surrounding the conference:

  •  Optional pre-conference overnight excursion to Bay of Island to participate in Treaty of Waitangi day celebrations on 6 February
  • Post- conference excursion to a conservation island in the Hauraki Gulf  
  • Associated conferences:
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17th International Conference of the Nurses Network for Violence against Women, 16 – 18 February 2011
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