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16 - 18 Aug 2018

Conference theme:

Equality, diversity and inclusion in 2018: Progresses, Setbacks or New Challenges?


Indicative framework for the processing of papers by stream chairs

Deadlines for stream and workshop proposals


 Stream and workshop proposals should be sent, in English or in French, to Dr Tania Saba, no later than February 5th 2018, following the Guidelines for stream chairs.


Decisions regarding streams/workshops will be announced on February 12th 2018.


The launch of call for papers is due on February 19th 2018.


Les propositions d’axes thématiques au Colloque EDI 2018 peuvent se faire en anglais ou en français.


Call for papers

Submissions to the conference can be in the form of long abstracts (5 pages minimum; or length to be specified by stream and workshop chairs) and full papers by the deadline of April 30th 2018.


All submissions will be subjected to peer review organized by stream chairs with two referees for each paper. Deadline for reviews is May 15th 2018 (acceptance/rejection).


Les propositions de communications au Colloque EDI 2018 peuvent se faire en anglais ou en français. Celles faites en français devraient être accompagnées d’un résumé en anglais.


La traduction simultanée sera offerte dans certains ateliers.


Best paper nominations and submission of best papers to the relevant associated journal (as agreed by submitter) will be announced by June 30th 2018.



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MONTREAL 2018, August 16 to 18


University of Montreal



Conference theme:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in 2018: Progresses, Setbacks or New Challenges?


        The EDI conference welcomes a wide range of streams about the complex relationship between equality, diversity and inclusion from different theoretical, empirical and methodological approaches as well as across various disciplinary, interdisciplinary, international and comparative perspectives.


        This year, as EDI conference enters a new decade, we welcome stream proposals that engage with all types of research questions. We wish to draw particular attention to the fact that despite all the research efforts as well as organizational and political initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, inequalities persist. Furthermore, while workplaces claim to pay more attention to diversity, new forms of discrimination and barriers, more complex and more subtle, make it more difficult to detect biases and prejudices. A particular invitation is therefore extended to streams that explore the advances, setbacks, drifts and transformations facing diversity, equality and inclusion. We invite streams that will examine the new challenges facing the promotion of all forms of diversity, as well as the analysis of experimentation with policies and practices that seek to address these objectives.


         The identification of these potential stream proposals should not be considered as restrictive. We welcome all themes that help to create spaces for the exchange of new ideas that contribute to building a critical analysis on diversity, equality and inclusion.


          The Montreal EDI conference will hold a doctoral colloquium and a special one-day workshop where practitioners are invited to share with researchers issues and experimentations in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion issues in the workplace. The 2018 edition also welcomes proposals for pre-conference workshops.


Organised by:

BMO university of montreal crimt

With the collaboration of:

ceetum University of Montreal cerium