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12 - 14 July 2021

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Social Sustainability



Bern is the capital of Switzerland and also a unique touristic attraction with its beautiful historic old town which is a UNESCO World heritage site. For more information see:


Getting to Bern

With its central location in the northern foothills of the Swiss Alps, Bern is easily accessible by rail, air, or road.

By train

Bern’s modern main station is well-connected to both national and international high-speed lines. ICE, TGV, Railjet and EuroCity services provide fast connections between Bern and major cities in Germany, Italy, France and Austria. The airports of Zurich, Geneva and Basel have a direct train and/or bus connection to Bern.

By plane

If your flight lands in Zürich, Geneva, or Basel, there is excellent rail service to Bern with the Swiss rail company SBB. In both Zürich and Geneva, an SBB station is located inside the airport, allowing direct transfer to trains to Bern. Direct trains to Bern depart every 30 minutes. From Basel you will need to take the bus (line 50) to Basel SBB train station first, before taking a direct train to Bern from there. 

By car

Bern is connected to the European route E4 as well as the Swiss highway network. Numerous road tunnels provide convenient access to southern Switzerland and Italy. In Switzerland, vehicles and trailers pay to use motorways and dual carriageways by buying a motorway sticker (‘vignette’). The sticker currently costs CHF 40 and is valid for one year (December 1st-January 31st). Stickers for a day, a week or a month do not exist.

However, we strongly advise against coming by car since there are no free parking lots in the city of Bern.


The Conference Venue

Main Building

University of Bern

Hochschulstrasse 4

3012 Bern


After your arrival, you will find that the main university building and the university neighbourhood Länggasse are equally central and accessible. The venue is just above the main station. It can be reached with an elevator from inside the station. In the train station in Bern, follow the signs for Grosse Schanze/Länggasse. They lead to the fourth floor, where you exit via the Grosse Schanze, a rooftop park offering a beautiful view of the mountains on clear days. The main university building and Länggasse are located across the park.


Travelling within the city

Travel downtown and between university buildings is easiest on foot, with a bicycle, or on public transit.

From your very first overnight stay in a hotel in the city of Bern, you will receive a Bern Ticket for your whole stay, which lets you travel for free on public transport in zones 100/101 operated by the LIBERO Association. It also includes the Gurten funicular, the funicular Marzilibahn, and the elevator to the Cathedral Platform, as well as travel to and from Bern Airport. On your day of arrival, your reservation confirmation can be used as a transfer ticket from the station or the airport of Bern to your accommodation.