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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

Conference theme:

Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Past Conferences - EDI 2010 Vienna

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2010

Invited Keynote Speakers

This year the conference will feature a number of high profile invited speakers who will deliver keynote speeches over two days:


Stella Nkomo is Professor for Human Ressource Management at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
Prior to her current position, she was Professor and Department Chair, Department of Management, Belk College of Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, (1995-June 2000), Interim HR/Operations Director, Graduate School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa June 2005 to December 2007, Bateman Distinguished Professor of Business Leadership, University of South Africa Graduate School of Business Leadership July 2000-July 2009, from 2007 to present Stella Nkomo is Director of Research, ASCENT: Leading Multicultural Women to the Top. Professor Nokomo's research focuses on race and gender in organisations; diversity management; change leadership, and strategic human resource management.





Herbert Pichler is speaker for persons with disabilities at the Austrian Trade Union (ÖGB) and Head of “Chancen Nutzen Büro” which is an initiative of the Austrian Social Partners at the Austrian Trade Union (ÖGB). Aim of this initiative is to improve the employment of older persons and/or people with disabilities, chronic and/or psychic diseases. The “Chancen Nutzen Büro” cooperates with all Austrian Social Partners (Sozialpartnerschaft), Public Employment Services (AMS), Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks (AUVA), the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (Hauptverband der SV und Krankenkassen), Entrepreneur Service Austria (Unternehmensservice Austria) and several other project partners in Austria. It offers counseling, seminars and workshops on topics like age, ability/disability chronic and physical diseases for employers and employees, human resource departments, work councils and functionaries of all Social Partners.
 Herbert Pichler is trained as mediator, coach, supervisor, social capital manager and as Life and Social Counselor (Lebens- und Sozialberater). He has worked for the last 20 years in several caucuses, commissions and boards of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, the Public Employment Services and the Austrian Social Insurance for Occupational Risks.
Lize Booysen is currently Professor for Organisational Behaviour and Leadership at Antioch University in USA. Professor Booysen is also adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Greensboro, North Carolina. Prior to these positions, she was full professor at the School of Business Leadership (SBL) at University of South Africa. She participated on the GLOBE 65-nations research project on leadership, national culture and organisational practices from 1994-2003.







Ewart Wooldridge has been Chief Executive of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education since January 2004. He founded the organisation from scratch, to support and promote the development of leadership, governance and management skills across the UK Higher Education sector. The Leadership Foundation has secured a new strategic partnership with its funders through to 2012 following a very positive first evaluation by the HE sector funding bodies. It is now a leading provider in the UK, and increasingly internationally.

Previously Chief Executive of the National School of Government, Ewart Wooldridge was a director within the Cabinet Office and a past Vice President of the CIPD. He has Board-level experience in the private sector, local government and the South Bank Arts Centre. He was awarded the CBE in 2004 for his services to leadership development.