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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

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Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Past Conferences - EDI 2013 Athens

Invited Keynote Speakers

 EDI 2013 Athens


Julienne Brabet is Professor of Management at Université Paris Est Créteil where she is co-directing the “Managing CSR” master program. She is a member of the scholarly association RIODD’s (International Network of Research on Organisations and Sustainable Development) board and scientific committee, a Vice-President of the SFM (Société Française de Management) and EURAM (European Academy of Management) where she is chairing the Business & Society SIG.

Her researches are focused on the links between globalization, governance, strategic and organizational logics and the modes of workers’ management. Her former publications have been instrumental in structuring the French management research debate on paradigms, in particular in the field of HRM (Repenser la GRH, 1993, Paris, Economica). In her latest publications, she analyses the role of CSR in the development of a post-fordian compromise. 



Anastassia Tsoukala is Professor of Criminology in the Department of Sport Sciences at the University of Paris XI and Research Fellow at Paris V-Sorbonne University, France. Her research centres on the design and implementation of security policies in Europe with regard to immigration, counterterrorism and football hooliganism,  and on the social construction of threat. Anastassia Tsoukala is also Associate Editor of the political sciences quarterly Cultures & Conflits ( Co-editor of the book series Transnational Crime, Crime Control and Security (Palgrave Macmillan:; Member of the National Commission for Human Rights (Greece).








Sharon C. Boltonis Professor of Organisational Analysis and Head of Stirling Management School, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. She completed her PhD at the University of Lancaster Management School (1999), enjoyed a period as Simon Marks Research Fellow at University of Manchester in the Sociology Department (1999), took up her first lecturing post at University of Lancaster Management School (2000), spent over 5 years at the University of Strathclyde Business School as Professor of Organisational Analysis (2007-12) and Head of Department of Management (2010 – 2012), and moved to Stirling Management School in December 2012. In a previous life, Sharon worked as a Senior Administrator in the public and private sectors. Her research interests broadly cover the sociology of work with a particular focus on the emotional labour process, public sector management, the nursing and teaching labour process, gender and the professions, and dignity in and at work.  Recent research is focused upon an exploration of ‘dignity in and at work’, and a consideration of the changing nature of work within a moral economy. The origins of Sharon’s research interests lie in some perennial questions concerning what is it to be human, how can we better understand the relationship between people, work and society, and what is the fundamental conception of humanity embedded in the political economy?