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Seville, Spain
27 - 29 May 2024

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Gender Equality across the Gender Spectrum


Past Conferences - EDI 2019 Rotterdam

Indicative framework for the processing of papers by stream chairs

Deadlines for stream and workshop proposals


Please send stream and workshop proposals to Dr Joana Vassilopoulou, no later than February 10th, 2019. Decisions regarding streams/workshops and launch of call for papers: February 15th, 2019. The call for papers will be circulated thereafter.



Submissions to the conference can be in the form of long abstracts (5 pages minimum: length to be specified by stream and workshop chairs) and full papers by the extended deadline of May 10th, 2019.

All submissions will be subjected to peer review organized by stream chairs with two referees for each paper. Deadline for reviews: 

May 17th, 2019 (acceptance/rejection).


Best paper nominations and submission of best papers to the relevant associated journal (as agreed by submitter): 

July 8th, 2019.


The review process of the best papers by partner journals remains under the complete supervision of the respective journals’ chief-editors and is independent from the conference dates.


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12th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference 22 – 24 July 2019

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands


Sponsored by:

Conference theme:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in 2019: Resistance


During this EDI conference we will discuss resistance to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion from a transdisciplinary and multi-level perspective. In management literature, most authors define resistance as “a restraining force moving in direction of maintaining the status quo” (Lewin as cited in Piderit, 2000, p.419). Resistance and backlash to equality, diversity & inclusion have been notably growing in recent years. Resistance can manifest in different ways and on different levels. On the micro level resistance manifests with the (non-) acceptance of social change by the individual. On the meso level the focus is on how diversity resistance manifests within organizational settings. Resistance on the macro level may manifest at the level of a wider discourse on issues around equality, diversity & inclusion, such as in the form of white male backlash. Lastly, resistance can be passive, hidden or active.


Resistance as the conference theme for 2019 provides us a broad lens through which to investigate global, national, organisational and individual challenges for equality, diversity and inclusion.




Streams are designed in a traditional academic format, whereas workshops are more open to unconventional and informal procedures. There will be a doctoral colloquium under parallel to the conference. Information on deadlines and mode of submission will be available on the EDI website.


Partnerships and publication partnerships of EDI 2019 Rotterdam conference

Associated to this conference hosted by Rotterdam School of Management are: EURAM Business & Society Special Interest Group and Publishing Partners: Cross-Cultural Management: An International Journal; Equality, Diversity, Inclusion: An International Journal; and European Management Review. Pre-selected best papers of the conference will be submitted to these journals, which will process them according to their usual standards. Stream organizers are also advised that the book series Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work (Book series by Emerald) headed by Prof Mustafa Ozbilgin is associated to the conference and relevant stream proposals will be eligible for this book series subject to acceptance decision by Prof Ozbilgin who will attend the conference.