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22 - 24 July 2019

Conference theme:

Equality, diversity and inclusion in 2019: Resistance


Guidelines for Stream Convenors

Stream convenors are integral to the quality of the academic programme and the life of the conference.  There is a subsided registration fee for convenors but in return, there are important responsibilities that need to be carried out within the time lines.


There can be up to three convenors for any stream. Stream calls are due by February 5th, 2018. Please submit to:


Convenors are expected to:

  • Develop stream calls (about one A4 page) This gives an outline or the topic area and suggested specific questions and guidelines for paper or practitioner‘s submissions.
    Examples from previous conferences are available on EDI website at
  • Give written developmental  feedback to all submitters (those accepted and any  rejected) prior to the conference. We suggest  anonymous reviews of the submissions if possible.
  • At least 3 papers constitute a stream. Small streams will be amalgamated by the conference organizers of the academic programme.
  • Create a programme of their stream presentations grouped by common topic. They will submit this by May 15th, 2018 to: for compilation into the conference programme.
  • Provide active facilitation of the stream - by giving continuity and encouraging discussion linking the presentations.
  • Give suggestions to participants for publishing the papers from the stream such as special issues of journals, books and other collective output are encouraged.
  • Participate in the doctoral sessions and in be active throughout the whole conference.